• February 23Swim and Dive state qualifiers compete this weekend.
  • February 23Wrestling heads to State team competition.
  • February 6Friday, March 10, at 6 PM is St. Baldrick's “Fighting Saints Shave the Day” event in East's Main Gym!

About X-ray

X-ray is the student newspaper of St. Charles East High School, which is located at 1020 Dunham Road in St. Charles, Illinois. The paper was first “published” in 1919 and was first titled “The Dope Sheet.” It was typed out on plain (now very yellowed) paper. Not too long after, it became the X-ray, in honor of the year that the science for X-rays came into the headlines. Thus, we are currently celebrating 100 plus years of student journalism at St. Charles High School/St. Charles East High School. We are a student-run publication. We look forward to our fellow students sharing their  stories, thoughts, and ideas. We are an open forum. We will make mistakes. We are not professionals, but we are students learning the ins and outs of journalistic writing. We have set high standards for our publication. In order to achieve the highest quality possible, we encourage your constructive feedback.

If you are interested in joining our staff or would like to contribute a story, please email Mrs. Ladowski at [email protected] We meet on Mondays after school. 


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About X-ray