2020-2021 Staff

Jeff Pape


Jeff is now a senior who has been serving as Features Editor on X-ray for the past two years.  He says of his work, "I'm known on staff for my love of big words and philosophical sounding language, but equally I love a good r...

Katie Kempff


Katie is currently a juior who has been on the X-Ray for all of her years at East, and now holds the position of co-Editor. Katie participates in a number of other extra-curricular activities, including the track, diving, and spee...

Claire Otte

Entertainment Editor

Claire Otte is a senior this year and is looking forward to continuing her work as editor of the entertainment section. She loves pie charts!

Serena Thakkar

Features Editor

Serena is a JUNIOR at East and is in her THIRD year on the X-ray staff. She has written several stories for our "Features" section, including a recent one about Colonial Cafe. Serena is also a member of the Girls Varsity Tennis...

Rachel Cornille

Staff Writer

Rachel is a freshman on the staff. So far she has written several articles on the environment and assisted in news stories. Her most recent is a piece on this year's presidential election.

Valeria Rybkin


Valeria is a junior at East. She is a new recruit to the X-ray staff graphics team. She LOVES to doodle and draw.

Leslie Ladowski


Leslie Ladowski is an English teacher at East. She has taught here for a total of 20 years. She has been a yearbook adviser for five years and a newspaper adviser for five years. Some of her favorite parts of being a publications...

Jacob Stewart


Jake Stewart is an English teacher and instructional coach at St. Charles East High School; he has been teaching for 16 years.  He has been co-adviser to the newspaper since 2015. Mr. Stewart finds the most engaging part of worki...

Chloe Ladines

Graphics Editor

Chloe is now in starting her third year on the X-ray staff. She likes to write news stories. She also likes to draw. She was planning to compete in the editorial cartoon and advertising events at Sectionals this year, but our ...