MOVIE REVIEW: “Halloween” (1978)


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Circe Denyer has released this “Michael Myers Halloween Character” look-alike image.

Kai Huang, Staff Writer

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Halloween 2020 will be a holiday experience like no other. Fear not, there’s one classic horror movie that can keep anyone entertained during this spooky season. Let’s revisit Halloween 1978. 

The year is 1963, on the night of Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois. A teenage girl by the name of Judith Myers was pronounced dead as a result of a fatal stabbing by her 6-year-old brother, Michael Myers. After being institutionalized at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for 15 years, Michael Myers escapes on October 30, 1978. No one is able to predict what could occur on Halloween night of 1978 besides Dr. Loomis (Myers’ psychiatrist). He’s fully aware that Michael Myers is heading back to his hometown, but by the time the town realizes it, it’ll be too late for many people.

John Carpenter creates a cinematic masterpiece by giving the viewers a frightening atmosphere with skillful cinematography. Not to mention his composition of the Halloween theme song will give anyone goosebumps. The film is extraordinary in the fact that it doesn’t showcase excessive violence and gore, but the jump scare and murder scenes can still make your blood run cold. Michael Myers (portrayed mostly by Nick Castle) is extremely terrifying because he is an emotionless and mute killing machine that takes his victims’ lives one by one.

Throughout the movie, the audience will be able to project their own fears and anxieties onto Myers’ simple yet spine-chilling mask. His white mask and black eyes represent him as a cold-blooded killer with no humanity in him. Michael Myers is the scariest character one can witness. Considering the flawless directing of John Carpenter, the intimidating character of Michael Myers, and the well-executed acting, makes Halloween a must-watch.