March “Thumbs”

Jeff Pape and Katie Kempff

A few things we’re looking forward to this month, and a few things we’re not.

… The X-Ray is back in print for the first time in more than a year!

… The return to fully in-person learning after Spring Break. No more frantically checking the calendar at 6 AM to see if it’s your “in-person” day.

… Spring is finally here! Now, don’t try anything silly, Mother Nature…we don’t want snow in April.

… March Madness! You can finally redeem yourself from your 2019 bracket.

…The return of Friday night football games at East!

…One more week until Spring Break–hang in there, people!


… Parents checking your quarter grades in HAC.

… When you fall asleep during a virtual class and wake up to find it’s just you and the teacher left.

… Making the ladies who hand out the lunches at the end of the day feel bad when you say no to a meal.

… Accidentally liking your crush’s Instagram post from 74 weeks ago…happens to the best of us.

…Dasani water…why does it taste so metallic?

…Assignments that are due on Friday night at 11:59 PM. Just give us the weekend, for goodness’ sake.