Did You Miss Us?


Katie Kempff and Jeff Pape, Editors-in-Chief of The X-Ray, work on creating the first print edition since February 2020. The staff had been planning its March issue when the Covid shutdown began. Photo courtesy of Leslie Ladowski.

Jeff Pape, Editor-in-Chief

People of East, we have returned.
This month’s print issue marks The X-Ray’s first print issue since February 7, 2020. So where have we been?
In early March of last year, we transitioned to a fully-online model in light of D303’s decision to close schools as COVID-19 spread across the country.
Since then, we’ve been publishing stories via our website, eastxray.com. We encourage those of you who haven’t visited the site to check out the content we’ve released there. Adjusting to this new platform came with many logistical difficulties, but overall helped our staff build resilience and agility.
As restrictions begin to ease and more students head back into the building for in-person learning, we believe now is the right time to reintroduce our traditional monthly print issues. However, we will continue to post exclusive stories (as well as expanded versions of the stories published in print) on our website.
You’ll notice that this issue contains only 8 pages as opposed to our usual 12 pages. We decided to make this adjustment for March in order to ease the transition to print for our newer staff members (many of whom haven’t had previous experience with print issues).
That being said, you can expect to see two additional 12-page print issues from us in April and May.
We’re incredibly excited to be back to our usual format and routine. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Happy reading!