Some small businesses are doing big business


A Scentcerely Yours candle in its natural habitat. Photo by Sophia Smallwood.

Sophia Smallwood, Staff Writer

Small businesses have surrounded us forever. However, many gained more attention during the pandemic, with all of the hardship and challenge COVID-19 brought. Among these small businesses is Scentcerely Yours, a small shop located in downtown Geneva.

 At Scentcerely Yours, you can create a custom scent that is unique to you, and put it inside many different products, such as candles, hand soaps, lotions, and car diffusers. Although the shop itself may be tiny, the brand is doing big things.

“Most people might not realize that in addition to the front of the shop, we work with a lot of businesses local in the area, and some national, to help them create their signature scent that they can use in candles or other products,” the owners, Rob and Susi, said.

Along with working with other local businesses, Scentcerely Yours produces all of the candles sold at all of the Cooper’s Hawk restaurant locations. 

When discussing expanding their business, Rob and Susi told us that they were “in the process of looking for some warehouse space, hopefully close to the shop now, but that will be strictly a production facility,” and that “we thought that there would be potential we would open other locations in the general area, we still think about it, and while it’s not top of mind, that is still something that we do think could be a possibility.”

With small businesses like Scentcerely Yours starting to gain exposure with the rise of social media and the decline of the pandemic, they hope to see increasing opportunities for growth. If you’re looking to create your own signature scent, you can make a reservation on their website, or walk-in during store hours, 11-7 Wednesday-Saturday, and 11-5 on Sunday.