East’s Model United Nations Club participates in “Student Leadership Days”


Mark Segel spoke at the Student Leadership days. He is the founder of Gay Youth and an organizer of the first Gay Pride in 1970. Photo by Quinn Bryant

On Wednesday, December 1, 11 East students from the Model UN club visited the Illinois Holocaust Museum. They had the opportunity to listen to impactful speakers, tour the museum, and meet students from other schools. 

The day began with the Assistant Director of Education speaking, Amanda Friedman. The focus of her speech was an introduction on how to take initiative improving communities, utilizing social media. Part of this speech involved everyone taking part in an activity. 

Students were separated into groups and came up with a human right that the group was passionate about. One group, “Right to Equality,” created a hashtag related to the topic and was encouraged to share it on social media.

After the speech and activity, students had the opportunity to tour the museum, featuring a variety of exhibits. 

One exhibit included the actual rail car that was used to transport victims of the Holocaust to death camps. Following the tour, a speech was made by Mark Segal, a participant at the Stonewall rebellion, founder of Gay Youth, and an organizer of the first Gay Pride in 1970. 

The speech surrounded conversations of human rights and the lessons that can be learned from the past.  

Vsiting the Illinois Holocaust Huseam was a great learning oppertunity. Students had the ability to learn about the Holocaust and how to take intiative to create change in  their communties. 

The museum itself was very moving and encouraged students to think about the past a little harder.