Movie Review: “Eternals” is a milestone


The official poster for “Eternals,” featuring a brand new cast of Marvel characters. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

After a long wait, another movie in the Marvel franchise has come to town. “Eternals” is not like any other typical Marvel movie. It’s darker and more mature without losing the moments that maintain the Marvel magic.

The Director, Chloe Zhao, has taken on another large MCU budget, which is definitely not the worst that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Cinematic Studios, and his team have brought to our table. Zhao did a great job introducing new characters by starting off at a slow pace and slowly getting more exciting and dramatic over time. It gets better throughout the movie as we figure out what stories the characters have to tell.

The fight scenes were also amazing and executed with fantastic cinematography; the characters were able to show off their powers—from Makkari’s incredible speed to Ikaris’ immense strength.

The story isn’t perfectly shown in the movie and each flaw can be boiled down into too much background or too little time, nor is it as dramatic as many critics say. 

“Eternals” is a milestone for Marvel and raises the bar for what’s to come in future films, like “Thor: Love and Thunder”.