The Getaway? Oh, that bread place?

The restaurant students know it is more than that


Kate Vassos

Students line up during the lunch hours to get the famous Getaway Bread. They do offer much more at the student-run restaurant.

Ava Brucall, Staff Writer

February 14, a day of celebration for different relationships, whether it be romantic or platonic.
This year St. Charles East’s Getaway has been preparing something special for the students and staff, a yummy treat with a custom heartfelt message on the side.
Made and planned by the students at the Getaway, cookiegrams are to be provided to students along with their own words or message. Starting at two cookies for 3 dollars, students have a choice of chocolate chip or sugar cookies to purchase, along with a note they can write on for whomever they decide to give it to.
Not just celebrating Valentine’s day, the Getaway has also planned new recipes and treats for different holidays and everyday eating.
New recipes like a shamrock shake, paczki doughnuts and strawberry cheesecake are looking to be a part of the new menu for the Getaway, all different recipes for different holidays.
The Shamrock Shake and strawberry cheesecake, planned by East students Kevin Perez and Areli Olvera, have been specially created with the thought of St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day in mind.
“We wanted to try new ethnic and traditional dishes,” explains Chef Dessaur, the head of the Getaway. “Paczki doughnuts are for Fat Tuesday.”
Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday in which many different religions participate.
Many other different recipes are looking to be added to the menu alongside the holiday editions, including brownies, fried chicken sandwiches, rice pudding, chicken wraps, pie and BLTS. Many of these items are planned and organized by students in the Getaway, like Floyd Barclay, Aalia Khan, Victoria Landau and Grace Reed.
With Valentine’s Day coming up and new additions being added to the menu, East High School’s Getaway crew is excited to invite new and different tastes.
In addition to these new treats, the restaurant offers cookies, soups, pasta dishes, and more.
For the Getaway Restaurant students, their class is more than just about the bread.