Opinion: VALENTINE’S DAY…Traditions may change but the love remains


Aubree Pihl, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is definitely a fun celebration. But it looks a little different these days.
I’m sure we all remember the memories in elementary school–having a party and games instead of a usual lesson, the classroom being decked out with pink and red, and, of course…the valentines. The little punched out cards with cheesy messages and the occasional lollipop or temporary tattoo taped on were a definite highlight of our childhoods. But of course, Valentine’s Day looks a little different now.
While there isn’t going to be giant bags–or cute little self-decorated shoe boxes made into mailboxes–of class Valentine’s being brought home, East has its own fun traditions.
Take the carnation grams and candy bags, for example. Starting on February 7th, the Class of 2023 will be selling carnations and bags of candy during periods 2-7. The carnations will be $2 each, or two for $3. The candy bags will each be sold for $1. Once purchased, the gifts can be delivered to any specific person on Valentine’s Day, during periods 2-4.
These little treats are so thoughtful and cute to me! And this tradition has been going on for a very long time. Even parents will tell you that it had been a thing when they were kids- not only just at East either!
Besides flowers and candy grams, the School Store has also been participating in some Valentine’s Day fun, by selling Fun Dip for a limited time and encouraging students to purchase one for their valentine.
This is such a sweet little gesture, and would probably make someone’s day!
Plus, you don’t have to have a valentine to show thoughtfulness.
Starting on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), Random Acts of Kindness Week begins!
Of course you can be polite and hold the door or smile at someone, but if you feel like being a little extra, here’s an idea. You could write a nice anonymous note, and stick a piece of candy onto it. Then you leave it at your desk, and when you leave your class, whoever sits there next will get a sweet gift! I will probably be doing this idea myself, and seeing what happens.
You could also leave the notes in obscure places near high-traffic areas like the Main Commons–and wait for some lucky person to discover it!
So, this Valentine’s Day will hopefully be full of sweet and kind surprises.
And Random Acts of Kindness Week will help to continue the love.
Now it’s time to brighten peoples’ day, one corny note or kind gesture at a time.