Homecoming kicks off with windows and pep assembly


Sophia Smallwood

Newspaper students worked on their window last Saturday, the first day of Homecoming Week.


Saturday morning, many East students headed to downtown St. Charles with paints, paint brushes, tarps and tape to create their team’s or their club’s homecoming window.

Sophia Smallwood, junior, headed out with supplies to work on X-ray’s assigned window at AVENUE TWO BARBER SHOP. She said, “But we ran out of paint in five minutes.” She was able to talk her mom into getting more so the crew could finish. “It turned out so cute!” she added.

Window painting has been a tradition for the homecoming week at East for a very long time. Businesses generously allow students to create as they please, as long as it is appropriate and they do not spill paint.

The creations will be on display throughout the week.