East returns to “Normal” with an indoor Homecoming Pep Assembly


Brynn Copp

Freshmen face off against juniors in class tug-of-war during the 2022 Homecoming assembly

Nia Cocroft, Editor in Chief

Homecoming Week 2022 kicked off Monday, Sept. 12 with East’s annual Homecoming assemblywhich returned to its typical Main Gym location after three years.

The assembly marked the first Homecoming assembly free of COVID restrictions for East sophomores and juniors. For seniors, it marked the first since their freshman year. 

¨Experiencing a normal Homecoming [assembly] since freshman year kinda felt a little nostalgic,¨ said East Senior Maahi Patel. ¨It was a lot of fun, but it does make me sad to have missed out on the other two years.¨

In addition to performances from East´s dance and cheer programs, the assembly featured musical performances from Chorale and Marching Band. Per tradition, Marching Band performed the school fight song and ¨When the Saints Go Marching In,¨ while Chorale performed their rendition of the National Anthem. 

In preliminary Small Games competition, each grade level competed in a round of tug-of-war. Freshmen faced off against juniors, while sophomores put their strength to the test against the senior class. In the end, the junior and senior classes were victorious. The remaining tug-of-war matches took place at Small Games Thursday, Sept. 15.

Also highlighted at the assembly were East staff members participating in fundraisers for Pie-in-the-Eye. Kyle Libberton, Nikki Schropp, Anthony Rubino, Jacob Stewart and Caroline Killilea participated in efforts to raise funds for their selected charities. Libberton ended up raising the most money and getting a cherry pie in the face at the Small Games later in the week.