The Homecoming ‘22 Dance was a chance to show off today’s trends


Zoe Neumann

Fashion trends this year for the homecoming dance included bright and sparkly.

Zoe Neumann, Staff Writer

Saturday, September 17, 2022, was a special night for everyone at East. The reason for that was the school’s yearly homecoming dance, which occurred from 7:00-10 p.m. Freshmen and sophomores arrived at the dance just like juniors and seniors. ¨Who are you going with?¨ and ¨what are you wearing?¨ was probably the most frequently asked questions leading up to the dance.

Indeed, many use homecoming night as an excuse to go shopping with their best friends, spend hours on colorful makeup and ask their sister for a special hairstyling trick. And everyone looked their best that night while taking pictures and dancing until the music stopped. Although, the stereotype that boys are only wearing suits in neutral colors and girls are wearing black dresses is no longer up to date.

A very popular dress trend this year was short glitter dresses with sequins combined with wavy hair or a sleek ponytail. In the photo (above), the dress on the left is black, while the middle one is in a blueish silver color and the one on the right is in dark royal blue. The girls are all wearing gel-tip nails and natural makeup as well. Colorful glasses were not only worn by the cheer team during the volleyball game but at the homecoming dance by a group of friends as well. You can also recognize how well-liked Converse All-Star shoes are. On the left, three people chose to wear a black pair and on the right, there is a white model.

The platform version in particular is worn a lot by teenagers in everyday life, but also to fancy events like homecoming. Bright colors, like neons, are an eyecatcher anywhere you go. Some students chose to wear an outfit in these colors. For example in the photo, you can see a dress in magenta and one in cobalt blue. Satin or silk dresses were another widespread fashion trend seen at the dance.

Pastels and neutral colors are often combined with this trend, as is gold jewelry. The fact that most students decide to wear gym shoes instead of high heels and oxfords is well-known. Nike is probably the most worn shoe brand at the moment. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people chose these shoes to wear to homecoming. Classical Air Force in white is just as popular as Dunks and Jordans.

Some people decided to match their neck and bow tie with the colors of exactly these shoes. Homecoming 2022 was a huge fashion event, like every year, and the trends this time were very colorful and fun.