Creative Writing Club is a welcoming space for writers of all skill levels


Cassidy Flanagan

Ava Schroder, Maddie Barnes and Gwen Straiton participate in an activity where students shuffled their playlist of music and wrote a story with the song that showed up.

Cassidy Flanagan, Staff Writer

“Creative Writing Club is something I’d recommend to any writer,” said Gwyn Straiton, one of the members of the club. Writing at East High School is a common hobby for many students. Some may even feel they’d like to share their work and branch out in their writing more.
The Creative Writing Club is here to supply the students who enjoy writing a safe space to improve their writing, get feedback and meet new writers.
“Creative Writing Club is a very inclusive space that you can join at any level or experience in writing.” said one of the club advisors, Jennifer Bora. “We have writing weeks where everyone can work on whatever writing they would like and even get feedback too,” Bora said.
Advisor James Barrata said, “Some weeks in between the writing weeks, we do activities such as writing games, prompts, and more.” For example, according to Maddie Barnes, another member of the creative writing club, one of the activities they did was called “Bomb Stories,” where one person writes a sentence, the next person writes the next sentence, and so on.
Another feature of the Creative Writing Club is that students and student leaders occasionally come up with activities rather than just the advisors making plans. Creative Writing club is typically laid back with no strict plan. Similarly, it’s creative writing, so the club does a lot of different types of writing, and people are even allowed to share their writing.
Aether, another member of the club said, “Just hanging out with all the new people you meet is the best part since it’s a unique community of writers.”
Barrata said, “The energy is one of the best parts, we like to support each other.”
According to Bora, “In the end, the Creative Writing Club is hoping overall to spread awareness to student writers.”
The Creative Writing Club is open to any and all new members. Please contact advisors Jennifer Bora or James Barrata with any questions. The club meets in room B200C every other Tuesday!