A screenshot taken of what a Swift ticket purchaser might have seen while trying to buy tickets online. Screenshot by Cassidy Flanagan

A screenshot taken of what a Swift ticket purchaser might have seen while trying to buy tickets online. Screenshot by Cassidy Flanagan

Cassidy Flanagan

Taylor Swift, an artist currently trending around the world, recently announced a new tour titled “The Eras Tour.” Many Taylor Swift fans—better known as Swifties—were extremely excited to hear the news of a brand new tour.

After this announcement, since Taylor Swift is so famous, the company Ticketmaster already knew there would be a large number of fans wanting to get these tickets off of their website.

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the presale tickets were released. A lot of things occurred when the presale tickets were released.

If you are unfamiliar, basically, a bunch of fans tried to get tickets for Taylor’s tour but, the site Ticketmaster crashed–leading to many fans not getting codes for presale and getting kicked out of the line due to the slow site.

But in the end, the question is: Are these tickets really even worth it?

Some argue, that these tickets are worth it.

An article published on Slate.com stated, “Taylor may never do a concert like this again where she sings from many different of her ̈eras ̈/albums.”

This could be true, as it has been a while since her last tour, The Reputation Tour. This tour included songs from many different albums of hers. But, this new up-and-coming Eras tour will supposedly tell a story of Swift’s journey throughout her whole career in music.

For many “Swifties,” this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this from Taylor.

In the same article published on Slate.com, it said, “But at the end of the day I know when I go see Taylor it’s a whole production and I’ve never regretted going, so it’s worth it for me.”

Many fans have openly admitted that Taylor Swift puts on some of the best productions out of any music artist they’ve seen at a concert.

This tour is planned to be a huge tour for Taylor and her fans.

So, maybe paying more money than other concerts to see an awesome performance could be worth it. If of course, this concert ends up living up to these high expectations.

The other side of the argument is that these tickets are not worth it.

According to axios.com, “On average, a concert ticket resale is around 119 dollars on the higher side but MANY of Taylor’s resale tickets ranged above 700 dollars even past 3000 dollars in some cities.”

Though famous artists’ concerts are expected to be more ex- pensive than less famous artists’ concerts, the prices of the tickets people resold are insane.

Basically, many fans purchasing these tickets were baited into paying way more than they should have just to see a concert of  Taylor for barely even several hours.

Seeing a music artist perform for a few hours after you have paid possibly over $700 just doesn’t seem to be fair or worth it.

The people jacking up these prices over $10,000 knew what they were doing in this situation, and knew people would pay that much for a ticket. It’s honestly
just sad overall that the people selling these tickets just want to make a profit off of these desperate fans.

In the end, if paying this amount for a ticket is not a problem for you then go ahead, but many fans still don’t have this kind of money lying around. Scams are also really common for buying resale, so be sure to be careful when purchasing.

All in all, the decision is up to you whether the Taylor tickets are worth it, but if you are thinking of buying a resale ticket, consider if it’s worth it or not for you.

Maybe seeing Taylor will fulfill all your dreams, but maybe seeing her for all that money wasn’t really worth it at all.