MUSIC REVIEW: East’s Choir Concert was moving and magical


Lillian Robles

East’s choirs provided a fun and entertaining evening on March 2 in the Norris Cultural Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Lillian Robles

Lillian Robles

The music department here at East put on an amazing choir concert on March 2, performing in the Norris Cultural Arts Center. The concert was called “Into Your Imagination.”

The concert started off with all of the different choirs together singing the song “Pure Imagination” arranged by Mark Hayes. It was fascinating to watch as the choirs walked into the auditorium as they sang.

After that song was over, Cantus, the lower-voiced choir, began with wonderful vocals and hilarious movements. They always seem to find a way to make their performances fun and entertaining.

Next up was an Italian song about a cricket in love, sung acapella by the Chamber Choir.

The Cecilian Choir is a non-audition choir for higher voices. They left us with a jumble of emotions, from starting with a sad, slower song to ending with silly dance moves and an overall fun atmosphere.

The Vocal Jazz students sang two separate songs, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by Sting and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” arranged by Kerry Marsh. The latter piece left the audience feeling touched and enlightened.

Next, the Bel Canto choir brought a spooky, haunting aura to the stage with songs about witches and Jabberwockies.

The last individual choir to sing by itself was Chorale, a mixed-voices audition choir. They started off strong with a dark acapella song called, “Suri Suri Masuri,” by Hyun Kook, and ended with a lighthearted, comical song about imaginary creatures.

The fun part about that song was that the lyrics were made by children ages five to nine, so there were some cute and silly descriptions of what the creatures would be like.

To finish off the concert, all of the choirs joined together again to sing a heartwarming acapella song called “Hands” by Jocelyn Hagen. The finale song was made with no words, just vowels so that the audience could imagine whatever they wanted. It was truly magical as they all joined hands at the end, while creating lovely chords.

After the concert was over, there was a reception held in the school cafeteria to celebrate the students’ hard work and their beautiful concert.

Overall, the concerts here at East are not just about singing, they’re about having fun and showcasing the skills of students.

If you haven’t been to an East choir concert before, you should definitely consider going to the next one on May 11.