Boys Volleyball’s season finishes up strong

Lauren Voigt

On May 2, 2023, East’s boys’ volleyball teams faced off against North.

Freshman teams A and B both won. JV and varsity lost, but varsity was an extremely close game, with East losing the first set and the second. In the first set, North’s team surprised everyone with their strong serves, but they did not get as many points from the serves in the second game when our team got used to them.

The game was intense with one team scoring, then another right after making it impossible to tell who would win. In the end, varsity lost 23-25. Although varsity and junior varsity lost, the effort put in was undeniable. Each player tried their best and contributed to the game.

Head Coach Kate Mccullagh, who has been coaching at East for 15 years, said, “I think that this is one of the more driven teams that I’ve coached even though we haven’t been winning.”

She continued on to say, “Volleyball isn’t just about winning, it is about learning and working as a team to achieve a goal.”

One of the varsity captains, Adi Nakarani, #1, talked about how the team works together, “Volleyball is a team
sport [where] everyone has to be performing at their best. We never push each other down. Only up.”

Matthew Coker, #6 on varsity said that the best part about volleyball isn’t even the game itself, but the good times, “ [My favorite memory was] the bus ride back from the Saint Francis tournament last year. We didn’t get back until
past 11 and had music playing the whole time.”

Another player, Veer Patel, #10 on junior varsity expressed how the best part of the season wasn’t just the
winning or losing aspect, “ [My] Favorite memory would be all the moments with all my friends, the bus rides, the time on the court, and how much fun we’ve all had playing volleyball together.”

For newer players, the learning process can be the most fun. “My favorite memory from volleyball is learning
it completely fresh during freshman year and turning out to have an amazing freshman season,” said Sam Tisch, #5 on junior varsity.

The school year is just about over, but the volleyball season isn’t. IHSA Quarterfinal Regionals are being held on Monday, May 22. East’s varsity team will be playing at Elgin Harvest Christian Academy as the 23rd seed against Elgin Academy’s 10th seed team.

The game starts at 4:30 pm.