The Student News Site of St. Charles East High School, 1020 Dunham Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60174


The Student News Site of St. Charles East High School, 1020 Dunham Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60174


The Student News Site of St. Charles East High School, 1020 Dunham Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60174


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Counting down the Top 10 Trends

With the 2024 school year ending, the impact of recent trends has made the year more memorable. From revived silhouettes to sought-after looks, we dive deeper into what we think are the top 10 trends, and how they impacted our school.

1. Reusable Bottles: Version 2
Save the turtles, save the planet, say hi to the Hydro Flask. That sentiment didn’t last very long though. Instead, say hi to Stanleys and Owalas. These bottles were unforgiving in their appearances at school. From few to some, from some to many, they are EVERYWHERE. Next time a bottle drops, check to see which brand fell.

2. The Clean Girl: Your rebranded VSCO Girl
No more scrunchies, environmentally friendly cutlery or the effortless Cali girl. This girl, the Clean Girl, is put together, calculated and calm. She does pilates, has an online organizer, loves yoga pants and has every pair of UGGs possible. Her skin is clear as glass and her hair is slicked to the Gods. Next time you see her in class, ask her where her lip oil is from.

3. Thrifting: Where is your outfit from?
How many times have you asked where someone’s outfit is from, only for them to reply it’s thrifted? Thrifting has become a rising trend, as finding the perfect top for a downtown getaway or one-of-a-kind pants to show off at school is a great way to spend a weekend. Next time someone asks where your outfit is from, be the one to tell them it’s thrifted!

4. The Downtown Girl: The Black Cat to the Clean Girl’s Golden Retriever
In her low rise jeans and off-the-shoulder sweater, the Downtown Girl is waiting for the Clean Girl at a local coffee shop. She’s quite the opposite of her Clean Girl Bestie. Possibly disorganized, only running on caffeine and maybe swiping at her hours-old makeup. You can usually catch her in a record shop, possibly sporting a leather jacket and headphones. Next time you see her in the halls, ask her what she’s listening to.

5. Indie Music: You wouldn’t know them, they’re pretty underground
In desperate need for music no one else listens to? Indie music has taken over playlists with its musical diversity. Everyone needs their main character moment, find the right indie artist for you.

6. Nails: The girls got you in their claws
Sat at a salon or you’re doing them yourself, nails are it. Acrylic, gel, dip or traditional, all forms of manicured nails are welcomed this school year. Clicking and clacking, nails to match your aesthetic are in. Almond, stiletto, square and shapes galore, get your nails done to match your vibe. Next time you see her during passing period, ask Ms. Dandre where she gets her nails done.

7. AI: The new “man’s best friend”
Spacing out in front of a computer, 10 minutes before the essay deadline. What should you do? Whether you need an essay written (we don’t recommend it), advice for a date or a math problem solved, AI can do it all. With the increasing amount of dependency on AI, has it really become the new “man’s best friend?” Next time your English teacher asks if you actually wrote your essay, tell them your dog did.

8. Headphones: Who needs Airpods?
Peak comfort, noise canceling and great fashionability. Say goodbye to Airpods, because we heard that headphones are in their comeback era. No more wondering if anyone can tell you’re listening to music when headphones just give it away. The dark and mysterious persona can’t win without their attractiveness. Whether your taste is soft classical or hard rock, headphones just make it better. Next outfit you wear, have the privilege of the headphone accessory.

9. Skincare: What’s in your skincare smoothie?
Ever walk into your local Sephora and wonder why all the Drunk Elephant is so crusty? Skincare has become a staple to people of all ages. Spoiler alert, your favorite skincare brand has been sold out by 10-year olds. Sorry guys, your GRWMs will have to wait.

10. Sneaker and dress combo: What’s business-professional?
You’re invited to a grand banquet but don’t want your feet to hurt. What should you do? Wear sneakers, of course! Say goodbye to the annoying blisters and bruises from those nasty $100 heels. Who says I can’t wear my converse with my prom dress?

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