Tuning in to more tunes

Most of us are listening to more music now and it might be really good for us


Results from a student groupchat survey (25 responses).

Quinn York, Staff Writer

In quarantine, many people are turning to music for comfort and stress relief. Music is calming to people who are stressed, but it can also be a method to get you energized and get you motivated to do your schoolwork. Val Landers, a Sophomore at East, says that she listens to “Classical [because] it’s relaxing”. There is a wide variety of genres to choose from classical, pop, country to even bluegrass. Anything that makes you feel happy is right for you. In quarantine, 60% of people started listening to music more to relieve stress or to just feel happy. Monica Salonga, a sophomore at East, says she “Listens to music every single day, and during the day I listen to music about 75% of the time”. Whatever music you listen to, it’s sure to help you feel happy or take off a bit of your stress.

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