Opinion: Creativity Combats Covid-19

Serena Thakkar, Staff Writer

Going to the mall with your friends, seeing a movie, grabbing Dunkin–nope, nope, and nope. The idea of normal has changed, and, sadly, leaving the house is not part of it. Ever since March 13, St. Charles East students and faculty, along with schools around the world, have been closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and everyone is trying to find ways to cope with this new normal.

However, even though we are all in self-isolation, it’s important to stay close to loved ones, even if it’s through video chatting. I’m sure everyone has heard this numerous times, but it’s true — the most important thing to do right now is stay positive. Use this time to be creative and enjoy the fact that you can try new things while school work isn’t piling up. For example, I’m sure you’ve seen a great deal of sidewalk chalk with inspiring messages and drawings, as this is an excellent way to not only stay positive, but also spread joy to others as well.

It’s crucial that people use this time to do good and find ways to come together and unite. Birthday drive-by parades are another example of communities finding ways to spread positivity during these times. A great way to help those on the frontline while staying safe is donating to local hospitals. A few weeks ago my family and I took advantage of the curbside pickup from Panera (wearing masks, of course), and ordered breakfast for ER nurses at Delnor Hospital. Simple acts of kindness like this are a great way to help, but they will also boost your mood and feeling of self-fulfillment.

Journaling is another great activity to begin during these crazy times. Although it might sound boring, imagine reading through your old entries about time in quarantine 10 years later. This experience will sound so surreal. Covid-19 has brought-on some strange times in households throughout the world, but remember that different may mean gaining a new perspective.

Remember to be creative and use this time as a way to spread positivity and become closer with those you love.