Letters to X-ray’s seniors

Katie Kempff, Editor

Letter to Klara Barej 

Dear Klara, 

On behalf of the entire X-Ray staff, we would like to thank you for your extensive contributions to the publication. Your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication helped the X-Ray to be successful during your years on staff. We will dearly miss your willingness to write all types of stories, and will remember your dedication and optimism for years to come. 

Your personality was one that had a large impact on the X-Ray atmosphere. You were a calming presence on staff, and someone who we could depend on to be understanding. Your writing reflected this, as you never missed deadlines or left anybody waiting for your stories. You were someone who the X-Ray could count on to produce quality work, every time. 

Writing for any section is hard, but what was truly impressive in your years on staff was your ability to write for a variety of sections. This depth in your writing ability accompanied the cheerful demeanor you brought to meetings. 

Once again, the X-Ray family thanks you for your hard work during your years at East. You will be sorely missed in B215, and we look forward to supporting you as you embark on your next adventures. 


Your friends at the X-Ray