April “Thumbs”

Jeff Pape and Katie Kempff

Thumbs Up:

… Asynchronous learning on testing days. Sure, it stinks if you’re taking the test, but otherwise, you get a free day off.

… When you perfectly time your morning commute to walk into class at 7:20. It’s a magical feeling. 

… When you wake up in the middle of the night and check the time on your phone, only to find out you’ve got three more hours of sleep before you have to get up. Hallelujah!

Thumbs Down:

… Getting sick after receiving your COVID-19 vaccine. The reaction seems to be especially bad if you’ve had the virus before. 

… Larry has started to give out warnings for student parking violations. The stickers are coming soon, people. 

… AP Tests are inbound, and there’s no way our classes are going to cover all the required material in time.