Review: Taylor Swift’s “This Love”

Brynn Copp, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 6, “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) was released, inspiring many exciting theories amongst Taylor fans. “This Love” was the only song on 1989 (2014) that Swift wrote entirely herself. Along with the single, she released a merchandise collection titled “The Old Taylor Shop,” which includes items from her 1989 and her Speak Now albums.

Fans suspect that Swift is hinting at the release of a new, re-recorded version of Speak Now and 1989 through the dates of her recent releases. Swift is notorious for dropping hints at future releases and iconically 13 and 26 are important numbers. This led the discovery that Red (Taylor’s Version) was released 26 weeks from May 13th when 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is suspected to be released. Additionally, “The Joker And The Queen,” an Ed Sheeran song featuring Swift, was released 13 weeks from May 13th. May 13th also happens to be the only Friday the 13th in 2022. 

Sara Martinez, an East freshman, said, “It’s going to be interesting considering her whole style kind of changed. Her music went from love and country to a sort of pop.” 

In the past, 1989 was the album that started her pop years as opposed to her country albums from her early singing career. 

Hannah Burhop, a junior, notes, “I’m glad that she’s releasing what she wants and when she wants. Taking back what’s rightfully hers.”

It’s a new era for Swift. And her fans seem to be very happy.