X-ray Seniors’ tributes

Katie Kempff, Editor

Letter to Senior Gabe Delaney

Dear Gabe, 

On behalf of the entire staff of the X-Ray, we would like to thank you for all of the time, effort, and work you have put into the paper in the past two years. In particular, your role as Managing Editor in your senior year was critical to the X-Ray’s success. You will be remembered for your hard work, commitment, and the interesting music you played during grueling production weeks. 

One of your most memorable qualities was your willingness to help out anybody who needed it–staff writer, editor, or advisor–without complaint. Even if you were on a time crunch for your own story, you found the time to read and edit those of your peers, which was crucial to preserving the quality of our newspaper. 

some of your biggest contributions to the X-Ray were the memories you share with the rest of the staff. It will be impossible to forget your endless discussions of music with Joseph and Mr. Stewart, and the fascinating new genres which you introduced to B215. You brought a unique  energy to the X-Ray with your jokes, insights, and ideas, for all of which we will be forever grateful. 

As you begin your next journey, the X-Ray staff wishes you the best. We know that you will be successful in all of your endeavors. No matter your path, we hope that you know you will always have an X-Ray family here at East. 


Your friends at the X-Ray