Letters to X-ray’s seniors

Katie Kempff, Editor

 Letter to Cat Crones

Dear Cat, 

On behalf of the entire X-Ray staff, we would like to thank you for all of the work, effort, and energy you have put into the newspaper in your time at East. We would particularly like to highlight your work as News Editor this past year, which was crucial to the success of the publication. We will miss your energy, ideas, and commitment to publishing stories that show the true values of the student body. 

You brought an energy to the X-Ray that can not be replicated. You were always willing to go the extra mile for a story, even if that meant you had to interview the Chief of Police or send a nerve-wracking email. That is one of the qualities which helped the paper the most — your dedication to the journalistic process, even those parts of it which can be particularly intimidating. 

This bravery also carried over into the stories you covered. As News Editor, you were never one to shy away from a story that could be a little controversial, and you always managed to build a tactful narrative which made our paper much more relevant.  Your writing was candid, and sought to share the real story of what was going on. Whether it was the “Legal Limits” story or countless others, you found students with all viewpoints, and shared these opinions without bias.

But much of your contribution to the X-Ray wasn’t even what was published — it was the memories and experiences you shared with the staff. The trip to IHSA State, with late-night trips to McDonald’s and hours spent jamming in the car, would not have been the same without you. You were always willing to help someone out who needed support in their work, whether it was a brainstorming session or a “quick once-over” of their work. Dark, cold production nights in the dead of winter were brightened by your optimism and constant encouragement. 

There is much more to say about the memories made in your time spent in B215, but suffice it to say that you were a crucial member of the X-Ray team. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, in college and beyond, and hope that you know your X-Ray family will always be here to support you. 


Your friends at the X-Ray