Jazz Band entertains with a variety of songs


Mr. Wukitsch conducts the Jazz Band. Photo courtesy of Cian McKenna

Jenna Hubbard, Staff Writer

On Jan. 19, Thursday evening, around 200 people came out to the Norris Cultural Arts Center to watch a jazz band performance, a joint effort by the Wredling Middle School band, and our own East jazz band and workshop.

Gil Wukitsch, conductor for the jazz band, put on a diverse show, having classic compositions stand alongside more modern songs by musicians like Victor Lopez.

The crowd’s enthusiasm would be difficult for most to miss, applauding after every solo, with notable ones being Senior Matthew Hall on piano, Senior Jackson Smith on drums, Freshman Seth Filas on clarinet and Senior Rose McClure on saxophone, just to name a few.

Wukistch expressed pride in the performance, noting a favorite composer used in his band’s performance as Dave Brubeck, whose song “In Your Own Sweet Way” they performed. James Kull, conductor for the jazz workshop, seemed  to feel similarly.

The workshop played a diverse range of music, with Steely Dan and the Beatles both making an appearance in the show. When asked if he had a specific favorite composer they performed that night, Kull said no. “I like to put together programs with variety.”

Among the hundreds of audience members was Sophomore Cian McKenna, who said about the performance, “There was a great variety of music, it really kept me on the edge of my seat.” Also attending that night was Freshman Theo Koulis, who said, “Jazz band brings me a lot of joy, seeing and hearing my friends play. They always put on such great musical performances.”

The next jazz band concert will take place on Tuesday May 16, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.